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Iman's New Habit

So i just started this class, trying to instill new and better habits for productivity in my life!

My Habit Personality?

I have a strong tendency to be an UPHOLDER, which I can agree with. I like setting goals and achieving them. I do feel like I need to work on my time management on those goals that I set. I have also have moderate tendencies of being a Questioner, which I think is very true. If I dont believe in the process of something, I have a hard time commiting to it.

Why'd I sign up?

I signed up for this class as a way to help achieve some of the bigger goals I have in my life by breaking them down into smaller goals or habits to achieve success! I want to get better, faster, stronger everyday I'm on this earth!

What has been my most consistent good habit in the past?

Going to the gym atleast 3 days a week


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