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Imaginative Brand | Sales Conference Meeting

Project Motto:

Most works that are developed IRL, relate with this plain boring idea.

  • We need to make an event that "can boost our sales, that can make our brand stand out".


-------------  What can we do help those kind of companies? ------------

event type_ 

Sales conference meeting with a integrated product launch (B2C)

  • most events compile a serie of moments designeted to show the most of the brand in the short amount of time;
  • the ideia for this type of event is to maximaze the cost and the human resources that a company invests in the making of an event, so since this type of event has diverse moments during the day, we will take advantage of this.
  •  in specific moments of this events, workers are oftenly rewarded with a prize (the best employer of the year, etc)

Setting my scope:

event  schedule:

day 1

  • accreditation, welcome reception: 
    - needs:  1.  signage   2. welcome desk   3. identification card  4. hostesses w/ dress code (?) 
  • everybody enters a main room (there is a initial speech) 

             - needs: 1. main room with branding  2. screens for slideshows and wonderfull power points 3. walk in/ walk out/coffeebreak moments 4.folders with documentation regarding the brand 5. event stationery 

  • the members of the room are divided in small workgroups -

             - needs: 1. rooms need signage and directions 2. certificate for entering the workshop

  • gala dinner

  - needs: 1. photowall 2. stage (?) 3.decoration for each table

  • product launch (inside or ouside)

         - needs:  1. stage set designed for the product launch 2. visuals related with the product 3. brochure with specs 

  • party

needs- 1. party decoration


day 2

  • morning: team building exercises

         needs- 1.way finding 2. workshop facilitation

  • after lunch: talks with invited guests in the main room
  • prize delivery 

          needs - 1. trophies 2.certificates

  • last but not least CEO speach


updates coming


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