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Veronica Toti

Graphic Designer




Hi there!
This is my first attempt with lettering and stuff like that! I can't post all the phases of my work because I've been busy lately and I'm such a messy (thing that I absolutely have to improve about myself XD) that I pretty much sketched my idea on random sheets of paper that I already lost! Such a shame!
Anyway, I already apologise - as always - for my english, because I'm not that used to write/speak it and it's a bit rusty!
That said: the idea that I had was about a Charlie Chaplin's quote - I really love him and his Charlot - which is "Imagination is nothing without doing". I wanted to make something Charlie-related, so that's why I added his famous bowler to it and a film.

This is the first complete sketch that I made. I wasn't sure about some stuff (so that's why I kept on writing other options on that XD); whether add some twirls or not and stuff like that.



I then tried some other version of "nothing" because I wasn't that satified about it, and I decided for the last one:



and the I digitized it - because yes, the easier path! - and I added colours to it, shadows, lights and some other details that came up to my mind while I was working on it.


I have to say that I'm not sure/completely satisfied about that "doing": I don't know if red is the best colour for it. At first I tried with the same kind-of-mustard-colour of the background (which isn't the same colour I chose on Illustrator! Damn CMYK!) but it didn't pop up as I wanted to. That's why I decided for that shade of red, but still. Maybe I'll try with something else someday. What colour would you choose?
I was also uncertain about adding some twirls on the white border as I did on the top and the bottom, but I then decided to leave it as it is, because I didn't want to put too many stuff on it. What do you think? Would you add something else or change somenthing?

Thanks to whoever checked this project and, of course, to Mary Kate. I really had fun with this project and her lesson!
To whoever is interested with this project, I'm going to posted it on my Society6 profile pretty soon!

Thanks again and have a good day everyone!


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