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February 15th 2015

Although I've never considered creating my own script from scratch, when I saw this quick course on Lettering, I couldn't resist and see what the process would entail. 

I've chosen the word "Imagination" because having a lot or nothing is usually what differentiates a good day from a crappy one for me (the amount of Sunlight is actually also a big influencer. I had thought of using Helios as my second word if Imagination wasn't working out for me)

Today I've been steching the word in different types, a few drawn from some fonts that I like and some just by, well, using my imagination.

I wasn't sure if, with this particular word, I should be going overboard since the word can imply some form of chaos, but I also always like a nice and sleek type

Also played around with flourishes for some of the words, but found it rather difficult to create something that complements the word instead of overwhelming it

I haven't quite decided which one or two I'm going to try and recreate in Illustrator...


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