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Imagination Station

I already need help/advice. My brand is "Creations by Snuggs." This is an adaptation of the logo I've used for years for my greeting cards,"Cards by Snuggs," which has 3 variations. Here's one of them. 


Because I do more than cards, I changed to "Creations." I describe myself as a Jill-of-All-Trades. Maybe my brand should be "Jill-of-All-Trdes."  I design posters, programs, billboards, and more, I do performance presentations. I do event decorations. I handcraft, I write, And writing is the place I need help.

For my descriptors I put down "writing, performance, design," but I think there has to be a more vivid word for writing. When people ask me what I write, I ask what they want written. I have produced ad copy, poetry, feature articles, columns, programs (which I also presented), novels and nonfiction books, You name it, I've probably needed to write it at some point.

Can someone help me with a sharp, attention-drawing desciptor for writing?


After reading comments I changed the brand name to Imagination Station. It's a little more catchy. 

Now my brand reads:

                        Imagination Station

               Design, Events, The Written Word

The attributes are:

creative, whimsical, organic and unique.

I looked for brightness and colors that are part of my palette for my mood board. Finally I just stopped adding because there were so many different images I wanted to use. 

Here is my mood board, which I am current using for my project cover photo.


Second step 

I added "playful" to my attributes. I like my work to be enough off-the-wall to bring an "oh, my gosh" response. I don't always succeed but do want a playful aspect.

Being something of a font freak - I have been known to immediately recognize the font on movie titles - I had a difficult time balancing clearly readable and freaky for my typography.

Here are the way-too-many choices I pulled up, including a couple of my old standbys, Jokerman and Curlz MT. All fonts are labeled.


 This is too weird. Every time I save these fonts in jpeg, the "m" disappears in the AR DARLING font. Obviously, I will not choose that one.

Now off to put together my base logo. : )

My base logo didn't firm up until I started playing with the watercolors.  I wanted a font with a bit of a twist to it but my old favorite, Jokerman, lacked the clarity I felt was necessary for a brand logo. My final selection is not as quirky as some of those I liked a little better but it is clearly readable. I have seen some fancy brands that I struggled to interpret and I did not want that for mine.

So - here's my base. The name is in Papyrus. The descriptors are in the prosaic but clearly readable Calibri Light.

I considered a number of images to use and decided fieworks would best represent the feeling I wanted people to have about Imagination Station. I bounced them all around the text and in the end used them as spacers between my descriptors.

Here's the base design,


Here are some of my experiments with watercoloring.


Honestly, I still really love the Jokerman text but feel the Papyrus is a better choice.

Now, I am a purple person, so I like the white on bluey/purple best. Once again, trying to be objective, I think the brighter orangey/yellow is more eyecatching.  I would appreciate feedback from my teacher and fellow students on which to make my final - the blue or the orange. The final of each is posted below.



 All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here's the final base design.


And here's my project final.


Thanks, Teela. It's been fun,


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