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Images that Illustrate 8 Principles of Styling


Okay, I never was very good at getting homework in on time, but better late than never! Here are my coffee table edits. I really like how it all came together. Simple, elegant, much more visually pleasing.

And here's the full view. I don't have a pet or a boyfriend or a baby, so I threw a blanket in the shot to indicate that someone does in fact live here (she's just busy taking a photo right now)!

I love this vignette of my alligator from New Orleans with the gorgeous textured cover of this Michael Chabon book:

And finally, a little mushroom coral, a candle and a cutting of my kanlanchoe gave me more texture, botanicals and height!


Ok, with that in mind. Here are my "before photos." I am a hopelessly cluttered person, something I am eager to find solutions to, if you have any tricks! I live in a sunny studio apartment, so all of my spaces tend to do double-duty. (the big empty spot in the middle of my bookshelf is where my laptop lives when I'm not using it, for instance.) 

First, here's my "couch" (really a loveseat to save space) and coffee table:

Next up, my TV/console space, which is also my front hall/entry table:


The disorganization and ugliness of this bookshelf is what inspired me to take this class. It needs SO MUCH HELP, but there are certain elements that have to be there, like a space for my laptop and the iPod docking station/speakers:

My bed (those are twinkle lights strung around a porcelain stag head):

And lasly, the bedside table:


Hi - I'm Anne. Very excited to be taking this Skillshare class!

I love this space. It brings together all of the 8 principles in a really lovely way, in my opinion.

1. Needs: The buffet has been repurposed into a dry bar to fit in a small space. It's elegant and functional.

2. Shape: The rectangles of the buffet and the painting above are balanced by the feminine shape of the Bergere chairs. The potted plant creates a natural edgy, spiky shape at the periphery.

3. Color: The mod yellow fabric on the chairs injects a pop of sunshine and the blue in the painting creates a calm affect.

4. Pattern: The mod fabric on the chairs keeps the space from looking dowdy.

5. Texture: The incorporation of the plant creates a really nice layer of texture, as does the oil painting.

6. Placement: The symmetry of the lamps and the clean organization of the items on top of the dry bar create visual calm.

7. Bling: By keeping the hardware on the buffet their original brass and incoporating lots of glass in the bottles and dishware on the buffet, this scene has just the right amount of bling.

8. Botanicals: As mentioned before, the plant gives great shape and texture to the space.


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