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Imagery X|Press: Naeema's Mood Board (updated 1/24)

Thee process of creating a photograph is exciting and always filled with a level of uncertainity, but people make me nervous. Even the photo that I used in my cover photo, which I took in outside of Kwabeng, Ghana required a personal pep talk. So, I'm trying to decide between creating a  family portrait series or portrtaits of local musicians and artists at ORNG Ink, a youth artists studio space in Orange, NJ. 

And below, I've highlighted the styles of portraits that intrigue me.

1. Images where the subject is aware of the camera and makes makes eye contact with the viewer. I want to recreate that feeling that you have when you first meet someone and remember the impression their presence has on you.

Character Project by Dawoud Bey

Chracter Project by Dawoud Bey

2. Get closer

 Mike Tyson by Lori Grinker

Mike Tyson by Lori Grinker

3. Give the context

Christina Norman by Annie Leibovitz

Christina Norman by Annie Leibovitz


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