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Yonis Kintero

Designer & Illustrator



Image pairing for ideas

Below are the image pairs that stood out the most and currently developing them further to decide on a single concept to move forward with. Any feedback or suggestions you would like to make are more than welcome. Thanks, Yonis


I was imagining a soft shaped sumo with a jawbreaker-like center. The figure would be white or with minimal color on the outside and a colorful center which would be shown by either cutting the figure in half or figuring out a creative way to carve out a piece of its body.


The set of characters would be based on a pair of twins (boy & girl) that have a friendly face like the boy pictured. A limb or two would be chopped and they would have tentacles instead of arms. 

The chopped tentacles can ooze creamsicle filling. One or both of them would wear headphones like the one pictured.


In putting random images together I started noticing this caveman theme then ran into an image of Captain Caveman and figured it would be interesting to design my own interpretation of this character.

Rather than brown hair he'd have white hair, his stick would be emblazoned with abstract lines and shapes like the mural from artist TOKAE. This version of Captain Caveman would have bright kicks like the red Nikes and his face would be more cuddly like the baby polar bear since his hair is now white.

The stick and the sneakers would be the most colorful part of the character.


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