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Carina Figurasin

Novice Hand Letterer



I'm the mess you'd wear with pride

I love music, design and recently discovered my growing interest in the art of handlettering but, I know nothing about it.. 

So, here I am. 

It took me some time to find the quote/phrase to hand letter but I finally decided on this:

"I'm the mess you'd wear with pride" 

Like many, music plays a big part in my life so it's no wonder that my chosen quote would come from song lyrics. I chose this particular lyric because it resonated with me. Hearing it created some sort of sad, nostalgic, romantic image in my head which I would like to express into print. 

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon the photo that I'm currently using for my project cover (thank you, Pinterest!) and thought it would be interesting and cool if I could hand letter my quote into the shape of an image. I also wanted to find images that would evoke those feelings I felt when listening to the song..

My word map consisted of feelings of nostalgia and romance:

empty dress / hidden / time / conversations / intricate / delicate / arrivals / departures / waiting / falling / in love / travel / map / footsteps / secrets / hellos / goodbyes

and song lyrics:

"outside, by your doorstep / in a worn out / suit & tie / I'll wait for you / to come down / where you'll find me / where we'll shine"

My finds for my inspiration board:


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