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(Little help from google translate, sorry.)

I was looking for a fetish for my project. Now I have one.



In theory I believed I could get  monochromatic glitches where prevail the red ones, the blue ones, etc. So I replaced, in Hex, a constant value in each image: "2" with "1", "3" with "1", "4" with "1". I think I was close.

Again with Hex , replacing all instances of "1" with "6", "7" with "6", "3" with "6". In some point, after  being almost completely substituted some cardinal numbers by number "6" , the images appear with the same textures, and similar colors. I liked the result.

Audacity was great, I was experimenting with datamashup and started to copy and paste between files, from the large file to the smaller (the file without header). Here, some images.

The gif contains 15 layers.

Another cool gif.


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