I'm not sure about daily themes

I really enjoyed taking a look at a completely different approach of how someone uses Todoist and Calendars. I am a Neuroscience Master student, I pretty quickly came up with my Monthly and Weekly themes:

- I am reading Cal Newport's Digital Minimalist, so I decided to be away from Podcasts/YouTube/Social Media for 30 days to see how that affects my life

- I just started my internship and I need to focus on writing and reading literature to write an introduction to my projects

However, I really don't know how to approach Daily Themes because my schedule seems way too chaotic and unpredictable for that.

For instance: I am learning how to code in MATLAB and I would like to have a 'Programming Day' on my calendar. However, my coding lessons happen in different day of the week, every week. So I would not wake up with the knowledge of "Oh, today is coding day".

I take Dutch lessons, which also happen on two different days on a weekly basis.

I have also seen people put Deep Work as a daily theme, but I really strive to do deep work every day (set up a pomodoro timer, never get distracted between sessions). I am not sure if I would benefit from a Deep Work Day.

I would love to know if you have any ideas about how I could integrate daily themes, I would love to hear them.I'm not sure about daily themes - image 1 - student project