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Faye Albayda

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I'm loving watercolors! :)



For this project, I wanted to sketch and paint an environment filled with pretty flowers, but it's already winter where I live, so for now I painted from a picture that I took a few months back when I visited a botanical garden in the city.  In this garden, there are these crate-looking structures that hold flowers.  They were something that I had not seen before and I thought they looked nice and interesting, so I took a picture. And now it's the subject that I chose to draw and paint for this class. I can't wait for a warmer weather so I can go out and sketch not from a photograph but from the real thing! :)

Here's the said picture.  I need more practice in sketching :D  Tips and pointers are more than welcome!


Thank you, Elisa, for this wonderful class!  I learned a lot about sketching and painting!  I hope you'll teach another class, because I really realy enjoyed this one! :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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I followed Elisa's advice regarding value contrast.  This time, I chose a much simpler subject. I think applying value contrast really improved. Thank you so much, Elisa, for your advice! :)

Painting in watercolor is so cool!  I'm going to practice some more and will keep you posted!  As always, comments and tips (especially about shading... for some reason I find it really challenging...) are always welcome!


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