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I'm lost, but that's pretty normal...

6.25.2013 @ 23:11

WAIT, how am I suppose to add my upload-a-ma-bobbers?!?!?

::2 minutes and a glance at the FAQS on the right later...::

Ok, I think I got this... so 1st part of project, right...?!?! I think...

Ok, DEFINITELY lost in Step 1, but I think I'm starting to get a hang of how this class works... this is like a blank canvas that keeps going down and down and down, and I keep adding and adding and adding to my project, and you guys get to see how this evolves... right...?!?! OK, I get it now... ha haaaaaa, funny.

Genius, actually...

6.25.2013 @ 23:43

Mkay, mkay, getting the hang, I'm starting to like this, actually. Kinda feels like a real live time blog. LOL. XP


Heh, the professor thinks not... but the student refuses to learn...

It was at about this point ^ of my grid paper writing, when I realized, oh crap, maybe Kyle was onto something when he told us to plan this out first...

HOWERVER, I do have a slight problem. Kyle, or anyone else browsing this project... this is a very "personal" font that I have developed into my own handwriting, and I tend to add a lot of flourishes, and "extra bells and whistles" from time to time... like this:

As you will see in the photo above, if the last letter ends with an "e", I will pull the tail of the "E" out and make it into an arrow, whereas if the "E" was sandwiched within the word, such as the word "jumped" or "over", I will keep the tail of the "E" short, and not put an arrow on it.

If you also take a look at the "D" in the word "jumped" vs. the "D" in the word "dog", you will notice for the most part, I will keep the letters within the word short with no arrows, while the letters at the end of the word get pulled out for a little extra "flourish". Now, I have asked my boyfriend and his room mates (all a bunch of nerdy engineers) if there is a way I can make my font "learn" how to recognize an "e" in the middle of the word, and keep it short, vs. an "e" at the end of a word, and pull it out and add an arrow. They told me that was impossible, that I would have to customize it via writing a program... do any of you guys know...?

I know Kyle told us to keep our words as consistent as possible, but part of my handwriting style is to pull out letters and add arrows to them if they happen to be at the end of a word. Any advice, anyone...?

Many thanks in advance for your imput... :)


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