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Anna Puchalski

Scary, weird and cute



I'm just a monster person I guess.

So I draw comics for myself and also draw a lot of mascots and things for work. I want to improve my character design in the hopes I'll get MORE work. Right? 

Here is a recent mascot for work in a style that is super atypical for me: 


But using key words to describe myself is hard. So I used some from a conversation with my coworkers last week: Scary, tall and lonely (which they didn’t say but I added just to have something more to draw than scary and tall). 


I like ovals and egg shapes. 


I also like monsters. As a matter of fact, I think mainly I can do either cute or scary and I lack some range in between. Maybe I’ll try this exercise again with different key words… 


I thought it would be funny if a person wearing a monster suit was a monster underneath also. 

I inked it because I ink everything. I know the next class is about that... 

This was great! Thank you!

I drew my monster going about daily monster activities for my day six Inktober sketch. I think I really like drawing this guy!



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