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I'm in love!

Alice, you made me totally fall in love with embroidery through these great lessons! They are awesome!

For this class I have bought a wooden hoop with a diameter of 15cm, some Aïda cotton cloth and the same scissor the teacher has, it's beautiful!

Earlier I had made a sketch of my cat and decided to make that my very first embroidered piece.

But first practice. I needed a lot of practice, especially with the french knot, but I think I got it eventually.






I used the back stitch and the satin stitch. With the satin stitch I forgot to make them vertical so the spots all go in different directions now, whoops.

Next time when designing something like this I will choose a darker cotton and fill in the whites too, to see how that works out. And I will draw lighter with the pencil because the lines that I chose not to embroider where not erasable anymore. So in the last photo I embroidered them anyway. It does make for more color which I like!

Now I will make a hoop with a sentence and all other learned stitches.


Well not all learned stitches but here is another one. :)

I had a lot of fun doing the icons! So I will make more things with icons in the future ^^


(for the record it's meant to say 'tired' but the 'd' turned out a little as 'o'..)


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