I'm going to break this negative loop! [well not break, but maybe positively re-route]

I know that there are a lot of us out there who've been caught in the rut of allowing a sports injury (or an injury of any kind for that matter), to slow us down and interfere with our goals. In fact, I'm notoriously known for allowing small injuries to sabotage my efforts. I'm 20 now and not much has changed, but I think it essential for me to take a step back and share where the bad habit came from. I've had weak joints my entire life, but it wasn't until puberty that things really began to noticably affect my performance. I was at a soccer tournament and I dislocated my ankle while walking to pick up a ball. Yes. There it is folks. I was walking to pick up a ball at the tender age of 14 when my ankle went pop! It seems like in the process a few of my habits got skewed. In the years to come I would sprain that ankle more often than I would recieve IM messages (which for those of you who are 90's bebes, you'll know how much IM's were an integral part of those tween years). Stemming from this, I now have a ridiculous fear/obsession with people breaking ankles. Keeping in mind that I did sports all throughout highschool and I never let my joints slow me down, it's kind of funny that now my late teenage years and into my 20's I'm letting it slow me down. Consequently, whenever I try to exercise, I am plagued with this insane idea that I will not be able to do so without hurting myself.

I have this theory that the more you think about something, the more you donate energy and thinking and theorizing towards an event or circumstance, the more likely it'll happen. It's the whole irony behind the singer who'se so focused on not getting sick before a big show that they actually stress themselves sick.  I have the tools and know what it takes to exercise safely, and I know what mucles to strengthen/not over work. Combined with the information I'll be learning from this course, there isn't much to stop me! Except my mind. Does anyone have any advice for me?

My goals are as follows

Lower % of body fat. at a gym I used to be enrolled at, I took a test to measure body/musle composition & as it turns out, I have a high muscle percentage but also high fat. Essentially I probably have a six pack under what I lovingly refer as my 'best friend'. I would like to show of my muscles, but in order to do so, I'll have to trim some of the fat down. 

This was me in November!

Just a note on my personal experiences. My composition seems to be very very fragile, for whatever reason my muscles can go from looking very very toned to nonexistent within a matter of a week. I am looking to maintain the fitness plan and incorporate it into my day to day activities.


My other goal is to tone the muscles in my legs (they are my favourite) work on some cardio to tone those dreaded innner thighs. I would like to slim down but keep the muscle (which i've heard is a task that begins in the kitchen). I've never jumped on the skinny wagon, it's not in my genetics or mindset, I've always found there to be something incredible about an athletic body. The human body is amazing. I'm ready to start treating mine with the respect it deserves!

I don't drive so I'm a step ahead of those with cars. Public transport has actually kept me relatively fit. The more I think about getting fit, the more I think of the countless benefits, the more I admire the road cyclists the more I fill my brain with positive thoughts towards exercise and fitness, the better time I'll have sticking to it. Who'se with me?!


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