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I'm glad I did

Selena’s (P.O.V.)

My mom said that I should start to pack my stuff in my room because we are moving to Ottawa, Canada tomorrow. The reason of this is that I was told that my mom was getting a better and newer job. But I only think that is half of the story, the other half was that my mom and dad just got divorced a couple of months ago. When my mom goes anywhere in this town we live in she get reminders of her and my dad. I was sad to about my dad leaving us but  life had to go on. But anyway I started to pack. The first thing I packed was my clothes, I had so many clothes so to deal with this predicament  I will only pick clothes that I liked. For the clothes that are too small or i don't like anymore, well goodbye to them they're going in the garbage. The other things I had to pack in larger boxes. When I packed all my stuff, I heard my mom call me downstairs but we had to have dinner. We had microwaveable pasta (which is not the type that I like) but that's what we had. Twas the night before we were moving and I was in  bed reading a book I had kept out that I had liked a couple of months ago and the book I thought I would not bring to ottawa but I was rethinking my decision. The book was called Over The Stars, it was a teen non-fiction novel. When I was reading my book i heard my mom crying all the way from her room. As soon as I heard the sound of her cry I sprinted out of bed and ran to her room. When I got there I ran into her arms and ask her why she was crying?

“Mom why are you crying?”

“Oh honey don’t worry about me, ok.”

“Ok mom, but still why were you crying.”

“Honey if I tell you why i was crying will you go to bed and sleep.”


“ Well the reason I was crying was because of your dad, ok.”

“ Ok mom i will go to bed now!!”




When I woke up and got ready the taxi showed up and took and my mom and I to the airport to go to Canada.

Mom's (P.O.V.)

At the airport Selena was asking if she could get some breakfast from the airport cafe.

So we both decided to get a coffee and a muffin. When we got to ottawa, we got to a taxi and went to our new house.

Selena’s (P.O.V.)

When we arrived to the new house we went in and I was stunned,  even the outside of the house was beautiful. When my mom showed me my new room I walked in and my mind was blown it was just how I imagined it. When I finished unpacking my room, it was perfect!!  I am so glad we moved into this house out of all houses. But for now I have to get some dinner and then go to sleep because I have to go to my first day at school tomorrow. For dinner since we had no food,  we went and just got McDonalds, I got a big mac and my mom got a salad when we were done with our dinner I went to bed.


When I woke up I took a shower and got ready and by the way I was going to Glebe High School. I got dropped off by my mom, it was also in the middle of the school year.  Two people immediately came up to me they said there names were Ben and Arieana. I told them my named and then we started to hangout before school started. They told me that most people took drugs or drank a lot, but they said that they had never did either of those things. When the bell rang a lot of people were looking at me and I didn’t know if they thought I was ugly or pretty. The school day went by pretty fast. When Ben and I were walking home ( Arieanna wasn't there cause she goes the opposite way) some of the popular people walked by smoking weed.

UUGGHH they disgust me!! Ben shouted.

I know it is disgusting… I said.

When I got home I said bye to Ben and went into my house.

MOM I’M HOME!!! I shouted.

But she was not there, I guess she had to go to work today. I went to my bedroom did my homework and decided to take a nap.


Well I guess I slept the night away because it is the next day. On my way to school one of the popular girls came up to me and asked if I wanted a joint and I decided to take it and then I ran to my school. I told the Principle everything I knew about the people at the school. I also decided today, what I wanted to be when I grow up is an undercover homicide police officer.

When I went home there was a police officer waiting for me. I asked her if the Principle from my school had contacted her….

I think that this story is a pg maybe pg-13


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