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Angela Fehr

Watercolourist and Art Educator



I'm an Artist, not a Mathematician.

I can't tell you how many times I've quipped, "I'm an artist, not a mathematician" in reference to my skillset. I love being an artist and choosing to express myself visually, though the order and structure of the scientific world is appealing when it works. When I'm working on bookkeeping and the numbers don't add up, I just want to run away and paint something!

Nov. 1: I took Mary Kate's advice and did another sketch. The palette needs to look more like a palette, but I like the assymetrical border.

October 29: I think I'm done. I spent a lot of time playing with how to put together the "little words" in my design and add a few artistic details. I don't want it too cluttered as I think colour will add a lot. Looking at it now I think I need to balance the spaces between the text and border better.

October 23: I don't know how anyone can settle on a final design! So many possibilities! I do my best sketching when I'm sitting at the piano teacher's, waiting for my girls to finish their lesson. So I roughed out a bunch of new designs today. Some are very rough. I'm liking the art nouveau border paired with the lines & arrows.

October 22: Had a bit of a breakthrough when I changed to a landscape format. I'm liking this design, but I've had another one percolating that I'm going to try. The landscape format definitely works better with the length of the word "mathematician."

October 21: I'm feeling rather stalled out. Lots of ideas, but not a real clear vision of how to balance it out into a layout.

October 19: Struggling with wanting to start my sketch but need to figure out how to balance my two focal words. Should I hyphenate "mathematician" to make it fit better?

October 18:  I can see I'm going to have trouble balancing the two focal words - mathematician is so long. I thought about changing it to "mathlete" but meh. Not into it.

October 18, 2013: I've started brainstorming layouts, so I guess that means I'm mostly happy with my lettering styles so far. I love the contrast between the scripty "artist" and my "Mathematician" which includes the cutest compass A's I could imagine. Love my "T" squares too!

What I"m thinking for a layout is to have my lettering framed by an artist's palette at the top, that morphs into a flow chart at the bottom. I'm digging flow charts, though I'm not sure how "mathematic" they are. 

October 17, 2013:

Lettering style brainstorm: "artist". Needs to be "artistic" in contrast to the mathematician word which will be structured and "scientific."October 16, 2013

Keywords: Einstein, paintbrush, flow, grid, graphs, charts, blueprints, structured vs. freeform, algebra, creativity, go with the flow, fluid, right brain/left brain


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