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I'm a little fish


I explored light in my kitchen, where I spend most of my time.  I need a good picture for my website, which I just started.  When I came across this class, I thought this would be just what I needed to start thinking of myself as the subject of my camera.  I felt most comfortable doing a faceless, because I couldn't judge my face as much.  Instead, I could focus on composition, lighting...


I love how this picture is symmetrical and silly.  I needed to be silly to not take this self-portrait thing for my website so seriously.


Then I thought, hey, since no one's here and it's just me and my camera, let's be cute :) 


And of course, the diamond over your eyes self-portrait....

Thanks to Lindsay for the inspiration!  It gave me the comfort to create self-portraits and I did get a full-face one that I eventually liked.


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