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Giovanni Paredes

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I'm a bit on the unusual side.

Update 11-13-13

Had to explore around to find structure. An old bridge built in 1921, back when they were built strong, decorative and pretty. I like this bridge. It photographs well even in bright light. I used KitCam to capture the photo in a 16:9 aspect ratio. I then used Snapseed to bring out the detail, warmth, more contrast, shadows and life out of the rocks below in balance with the concrete beast in order to attempt some sort of symmetry :)

Update 11-12-13

Here's last night's pic using the tools Cory highlighred,  which most I had but his process was way different and more effective in producing a better pic. Light was fading fast as the sun had slipped below the horizon. I can't wait to shoot during the day!

Greetings Classmates! 

Just a brief intro. Others are doing this and I don't wanna be left out (:

I like to capture stuff you see everyday and twist them a bit. Not too surreal, but just enough to kinda keep you guessing. Below is an example of what you'll find on my feed. I love natural surroundings, but I'm wanting to add more structure and man made chaos to my photography. I'm still using my iPhone 4s, but I do in tend on getting a 5s soon. I'm fortunate that I live in an area with endless possiblilities for locations. Just getting out and shooting has become a bit harder working a full day and coming home after sunset. Yup work is getting in the way of play. I'll shoot tonight as an incoming storm should provide some extra light as it skirts to the north. Yes. Just like the rest I'm way inspired by the potential this class has to offer through the lessons the community of photographers here.  Thank You Cory for making this class happen (:


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