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Nina Choi

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I'm a Rebeling Obliger

So, I scored 7 on Rebel and 6 on Obliger. I guess it depends on the day. With my professional life, I'm definitely an Obliger. In my own life I'm a Rebel.

I took Tiago's other class and thought, huh, I'm still struggling a bit, I figured - maybe this one will help. I get stuck on the Daily's. They take me 20 minutes. I haven't really started timing myself though.

My most consistant habit is probably taking vitamins everyday.

There are two habits I think I'd really love to take on:

  1. Meditating consistantly for 20-30 minutes while sitting upright (I have a tendency to meditate lazy-style. In other words, I meditate laying down which often leads to falling back asleep in the morning).
  2. Really nailing down doing my Daily's / Weekly's from Tiago's other class.


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