Veronica Montemayor

Designer & Developer



"I'm a 1 GB stick"

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing great and making progress.

I'm Veronica and I'm ready to grow. And by grow I mean learning how to learn!

In high school and college, I had struggled with retaining and fully understanding what I was reading. If I tried hard enough, I would manage to get a B, always a B. I was never able to become an “A” student until later in college when I was critiqued and graded by the quality of my designs and not my ability to regurgitate what I had learned in a book. Now, 4 years later, I’m still having the same issues… and I’ve decided. I am done.

What opened my eyes? My new job. At my previous job, my mind had become accustomed to doing the day to day and rarely did I feel I had used my brain. Yeah, there were web issues I had to deal with from time to time, troubleshooting and such, but I didn’t feel like I was really thinking/learning, just doing. I had started comparing myself to those old (expensive) 1 GB sticks you’d buy at office depot and I’d say, “Well if it’s not super important, I don’t need to remember it!” But why? Why did I feel this way?

I’m not sure where this came from, or why I convinced myself it was okay to think this way, but I’m 100% over it! My new job as a UX designer has opened my eyes to new skills, new terminology, and a new way of thinking. Because there is a lot to take in, I can’t continue with my old habits. I need to change now!

Here are my list of my goals I hope achieve by the end of the year:

1. By September 30th, I will be able to understand and retain more information about human centered design and service design, so that I can speak the same lingo to co-workers.

2. By October 15th, I will extend my vocabulary (in general) to be able to communicate better with others so that I don't feel like a dummy anymore.

3. By October 31st, I will be able to read 400 wpm with over 70% retention and comprehension, so that I can read an actual book (I only listen to audio books, boo)

3. By November 15th, I will be able to read 500 wpm with over 80% retention and comprehension, so that I can read all the online articles I have saved.

4. By November 31st, I will be able to memorize 30 items on a grocery list, so that I don’t need to pull out my phone.

Wish me luck! <3


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