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I'm Nuts About You!!

Hello Amarilys,

I am so thankful for sharing so much with the class and really great tips as to commercial illustration. I absolutely loved every single lecture. And I am trying to go step by step, however here is my first attempt to create one.

I chose, the Food-Nuts (Peanuts) and crafted a story with a Squirrel and added a quote, I'm Nuts about you!' I am sorry not posting my inspiration board and thumbnails, I straight away moved to the sketchbook...


I am still learning the Hand Lettering and wanted to incorporate my own hand lettered piece. So I first painted all the elements and tried to see how that looks...Honestly, I am not much happy for this is not my style normally when I used watercolor. I used lots of color and yes, you may say very less water...most of my textures on top are created with a charcoal pencil (I am sharing this so that you can guide me on this style as well).

My next would be to clean this more on photoshop and may be tweak some elements of nuts here and there, my idea to create a Card Set for Valentine's Day.

I would love to hear your feedback. Do you think I need to work on the Letters again, and also for backgroun I was thinking to create a subtle color picked from the Nuts itself. Any suggestions would be great.

Would love to hear a brutal feedback. I would love that, a sI know it will help me improve so much. Once again, thank you much.



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