I'm Not a Pilot - Commemorative Show Poster

FINAL DESIGN - 02.28.13

At some point you have to walk away. Or go to bed.

This is that point. I could keep tweaking it but I'm pretty happy with it so far.
I wanted to push it without it becoming too busy and still maintaining a good hierarchy.
Thanks to everyone for all the feedback along the way! This was fun! Lots of great designs.

UPDATE - 02.26.13

Playing with textures, overlays, colors, shapes and washes.

Comments always welcome!

Quick Overview:

I'm Not a Pilot is an incredible band.
If you haven't checked them out, you should.

To me, their music invokes a sense of invulnerability by being vulnerable.
Empowerment through empathy.

It reminds us that all that matters is the journey.

UPDATE - 02.24.13
Revision to concept #2 - Round 2

Lighting resolve; Copy resolve;

Need to finish final look.

UPDATE - 02.17.13
Revision to Concept #2

Initial composition refinement; photocomping; basic 3D rendering; color palette development:

I really liked where concept 2 was headed, but I really wanted to push the perspective a bit, perhaps give it a little more drama. I found a great photo for the kid and just started playing around with 3D compositing to start establishing the overall feel. I think this direction gives it a bit more drama in sort of a Spielberg-esque, E.T. or Super 8 kinda way. It tells a little bit more of a story I guess. It's still very rough, but this is where it's headed. Comments always welcome!!!


I've always been a huge fan of Storm Thorgersen. I love how his imagery juxtaposes enormous size with a sense of delicate weightlesness. He's definitely a master of visual narrative. It's abstract yet feels incredibly real because it draws upon places that are relatable.


Along the same lines, I'm a huge fan of Scott Hansen's work. Color palette, texture, everything. It's equally as emotionally striking and just as powerful narratively speaking. Like Thorgersen's work, Hansen's imagery is a snapshot of a larger story.

To me, that's what illustration's all about.


And then some cool atmospheric stuff:


Idea 1.

Idea 2.

Idea 3.

More of a close up of the boy and burning plane.

Moody with shadoes and soft rim lighting.

Thanks and any feedback is welcome!




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