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I'm New Here

Inspiration: I'm New Here by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX

I chose to create my lettering post over the song "I'm New Here" by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX. This album is one of my all time favorites due to its stark contrast and meaningful message. If you haven't given it a listen I highly suggest doing so! The blending of two very unique artists from two very different backgrounds, in both life and music, makes for quite a winning combination. 

Mind Mapping: I'm New Here

This quick mind mapping exercise helped me pull out some interesting elements of the song that I think will translate well into my post. Mainly the ideas of contrast and boldness, as well as a general vibrant/energetic feel. 

Visual Moodboard:

Everything from the current album art to drum head logos with a focus on color and potential type style. 


Through sketches I decided that a high contrast modern type with an exaggerated weight really captures the boldness I was looking for. 


Here are some initial attempts at the lettering, still working out some kinks, especially in the serifs and letter contrast. 

This is the beginnings of the coloring, however I am still not happy with the letterforms and need to edit further.

Here is the final piece! 

Thanks for everything guys! 


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