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Barbara McNeely

Natural Health Coach Geek



I'm Looking For Something in Red

I was intrigued by the color red and all the various shades that are red. So, I went to the store and bought red foods: Macintosh apples, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, serrano peppers and even some red jalapeños I had on hand.

I don't really have a good window for light so I shoot using the fluorescent lights in our kitchen. Definitely not the best light, but I shoot raw. What I don't like about the picture is the reflection of the lights. How would I go about getting rid of that?

Next, I played with the tomatoes by themselves since they were in a variety of colors.

Lastly, I did a close up of the raspberries so you could see those little hairs on them.

Then I was inspired by the Texas theme in red, so I took these pictures. (Sister Creek is a winery in Sisterdale, Texas!)


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