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Jason Kwan

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I'm Jason From Hong Kong to make my First Dollar!

Overcoming your fears

I have learnt that rejection is nothing. People are polite enough to take a photo with you. 

Why do we validate?

Describe how you tried to start your last business (and what held you back)?

I was feared of validating my dating business with people.

I was feared of failure

I'm not passionate about the business itself

I was not disciplined enough

Let's start eBay TODAY (real validation practice)

  1. How would you validate eBay?

Email my family and friends and ask them if they have anything that they don't want and want to sell, on the other hand anything they are looking for (maybe second hand)? If I can find 3 customers with 3 deals, yes validated!

Validation method 1: Pre-sales

  1. Submit an email for pre-selling an eBook

7 Ebook presold!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an awesome validation process! Each around 1 USD but worth the test!


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