Nadia Lebedeva

Print Designer and Illustrator



Illustrator's Instagram

My name is Nadia and I work as illustrator and textile print/graphic designer. I've decided to pay more attention to my instagram and make it to represent rather my professional than personal life.

My instagram:

The top five categories my feed is about are:

  1. Print design
  2. Illustration
  3. Art
  4. Fashion illustration
  5. Fashion

First of all I circled my goals:

  1. Post every day
  2. Improve quality of photos
  3. Make my feed to speak clearly about who I am
  4. Keep the stylistic unity of feed
  5. Gain 1000 real followers by the end of the summer (300-something currently)
  6. Find clients via instagram.

Currently I spend a lot of time working on  prints in the textile print studio. I've decided to cover some steps of the work process and post them, as well as my personal drawings.

I've realised that I've never kept this app seriously — shame on me!

I've researched statistics that I got with the help of statigram and now I will keep in mind the best time for posting.

Also I never have heard of hashtag map, thank you for this information!:)


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