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Illustrator in Twaining

Hey everyone,

I've just been hired by a theater company to do their promotional material, and the first project is a show revolving around Mark Twain and a myriad of adapted American tall tales. They're going for a vaudevillian-style poster, and I wanted to find a way to bring Twain to life in the style of a Disney attraction poster. Here's the beginnings of the poster as illustrated following this class.

Matt, this class was well worth every penny. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your process. Those tricks are now invaluable to me as an artist.

Here's how I started out:

Good ol' pencil and paper. I didn't take any screenshots of my process, but here's where I am now:

The steps were easy, very straightforward, and rendering was a lot of fun. This is the finished figure, but I will be updating my project as I build the poster around Mr. Clemens. I opted, at least at this stage, not to add any textures aside from subtleties with standard brushes. I played with the textures, and this figure just doesn't seem to be complimented by them.

Let me know your thoughts! I had a hard time settling on the exact color scheme, but I'm pretty happy with this.



Today I finished a frame in which Twain will sit. This is the prop that inspired it: 

Here's the sketch that came out of that:

And the finished illustration:


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