Illustrator: Learn How To Fly

So I do know a little of illustrator but everything was self-taught from my own play with the software, and a little help from internet tutorials as well. But still in general, it was my most hated software out of the adobe series. Knowing how this software could actually do so many beautiful things, I decided to just give it another go (now, with the help of Brad Woodward). 

In this video I have learnt so much more. Especially on how to work smart and even quicker- with the help of hot keys. 

I'll be recreating this artwork by, Karolin Schnoor.


Firstly, I started out just using pen tools to get all the different shapes.


There's some areas that I used the smooth tool (can be found under pencil too- highlighted in yellow). 
It helped me to create some curves more faster and easier. *I do not know if this is considered a "correct way" but it helps me. 

- Image 1: shows only 2 points
- Image 2: Used the smooth tool to click and drag along the 2 points and it created more points for me to work on.




- For the white balls, the red dot pattern was used from a polkadot image I found online. So I used the technique he taught on texturing the vector. 

- For the leaves on purple and the teal background, I used the technique of pattern making. (below you can see how my texture looked like intially before I put it in as a swatch.


Final work: Left done by me and right, the original. I added texture and text on my artwork just to practice what he thought me more. I took a long time to do her shirt... haha. But over all, I'm really happy with the turn out. I hope by this, everybody would be inspired to create their own projects because I started, being inspired by all that was posted up as well. Good luck to everybody! :) I'm sure y'all can do it. Thanks Brad! You were such a great help/inspiration.





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