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Illustrator- Irresistaible!


Finished! This was a lot of fun. Except for the cloud. I ended up making a pattern brush to get the texture right. After using the paint brush to get the color right it became a HUGE file. I had to rasterize the whole object to be able to keep working. There probably has to be a better way to do that, but the end result is what I wanted. The only thing I would still want to experiment is the clipping mask over the whole image to give it the aged paper look. I don't think it looks right yet.


Step 2 is done! I have layed out all the shapes for the background so the entire ad is covered. I feel like I am very familar with all the tools to build paths in Illustrator now, so success! Here is how it currently looks.

I will be tweaking the colors and line quality after the Form Stylizing lesson I plan on watching today.

(That little blue bush with the white flowers was my favorite to make. I C/P a bunch of leaves, rotated, and resized them. After I aranged them I took the blob tool and roughly connected the leaves to make one solid path.)


I've divided this project into 3 steps. 

1- Foreground


3- Texture and Type

I just completed the 1st step. I tried to incorporate every shape and line demonstrated in Brad's Form Building videos. My favorite by far was the blob tool, which I may have used a bit too much but it was the easiest solution to a lot of the shapes.

My grasp on the pen tool has improved, this class was worth it just for that alone. Its always been one of my weaker skills in Adobe programs.

Here is step 1- Foreground


Hi new friends!

Here is what I will be recreating-

I'm not new to Illustrator, just havent touched it much since CS3 when I was in school in 2009. I decided to go for something a little more detailed so I can really dive in and brush up my skills. Not to mention this ad is gorgeous. I can't wait to get in there and play with those swoops and little details.

I just finished the form stylizing videos so I'm ready to go and start building up my illustration. 


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