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Illustrator Basics: Apothecary

First, let me apologize in advance for the language used in the illustrations. Sorry! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, a bit too much even! I've always done my illustrations in Ps but I wanted to learn how to use Ai to create vectors. I usually use the pen tool in Ps so handling the pen tool wasn't really a problem. It was very interesting learning about the pencil tool and the ins and outs of Illustrator. So handy! I am now in love with the program and haven't stopped drawing stuff in it. Anyway here's sort of a sneak at the process I went through:

I started out with sketching in Ps. 62c54ed0

I transferred the sketch to Ai and just started going over it using both the pen and pencil tool. I also learned how to use the mirror tool, and create shape tool which was soooo much fun to use. I also found a nice medieval font to use on the labels.



And here is the final product! Arranged all the bottles and a few plants on a shelf.



Thank you so much, Dylan! Highly recommend this class!


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