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Illustrator’s Symbol Panel: Creating Quick Patterns

I've been creating patterns for many years, and as learning is a never ending process, I wanted to share some additional ways of making patterns. I think that the most tedious part of making a pattern is making sure things line up. I find it really annoying to constantly have to go and forth, deleting, duplicating, then going back, deleting etc... Sometimes it can be really draining. So I came up with this little "hack" of creating patterns using Illustrator's Symbol menu, rather than the pattern menu. Below is my class outline.


Class Title

Illustrator’s Symbol Panel: Creating Quick Patterns

Class Description

In this class, students will learn how to create two templates, a square pattern and a rotating pattern, using the Symbol panel, which will enable you to quickly and (almost) effortlessly make patterns of any style. By creating templates, you will do the boring stuff once, and then create the fun stuff without all the going back and forth.

Students will create two templates, one for a traditional repeating pattern and the other a rotating pattern template. The assignment will be to create two patterns created with your new templates.

This class is perfect for both beginners and those who are seasoned pattern makers still doing things by hand.

This method is so easy, that once you're setup, even a child could do it (as my own kids have done).

Project Description

ASSIGNMENT - Create two patterns, using the two templates you will create.


Link to Video Outline



I've uploaded Unit 1 of my class. I still haven't created the introduction, but I've already made all of my screencastings. I just need to record the audio (which is the hardest part for me).

UNIT-1 Video


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