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Illustrations... And here we go.


Reproduced v.1.2. Almost.

Reproduced v.1.1. I'm getting eager to wrap this up. With the mix of color and various shapes I realized it's a timesaver to not be sloppy with organizing layers. 

Reproduced v.1.0. Working my way up from the bottom. I mostly use the shapes, pen tool and pathfinder. I like the fact that I'm getting quicker at figuring out how to form various shapes to build a design. Also, I've started to noticing ads, thinking about how I could make (or at least attempt) it in Illustrator.

Original #3. By Maiika Favre. I found her cool art while browsing Skillshare looking for inspiration.


Reproduced v.1.1. Background view. The font on the original piece is custom so I just picked this one.

Reproduced v.1.0. I like to work with the original in the background using a low opacity, as well as another original to the left at 100% opacity for guidance. Thoughts?

Original #2. By Sanna Annukka. Bc I don't want to use the pen tool too much Sanna's cool artwork is great for my development.



Original #1:


The goal is to make simple looking illustrations by playing with shapes. As I become sharper (which hopefully will happen) I'll attempt more complicated illustrations. I welcome feedback, criticism or recommendations. Cheers.


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