Illustration tools in ink and watercolor

Illustration tools in ink and watercolor - student project


I took some time this morning to sketch out what I had lying on my desk, and tried out some of the techniques I saw in this class. 

Using the Pentel brushpen to illustrate was a first - I had bought it for lettering - but you're right, I love how the different stroke widths give the pieces a super organic feel. PS Instead of buying new cartridges, I've used a pipette to refill them with ink from a container and that seems to be working. :-) 

I added watercolors in the end, and am very unhappy that I didn't get the kind of grey I wanted for the eraser, but oh well... It's just for practice, right? I'm not an illustrator, so it still looks very 2-d and basic, but even the very simple hatching and cross-hatching adds some dimension to it, so I'm glad I got to play around with that a bit. 

Thank you for a great class, I enjoyed it! 


Doris Fullgrabe
Lettering & Calligraphy, Freelance