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Nadia Ferreira

Interaction Designer with a thing for Illustration



Illustration in Practice - Three Little Pigs project

Deliverables for "Professional Practice In Illustration: Following a Creative Brief & Executing An Assignment" course by Lisa Congdon.


Creative brief - Email Response



Rough Proposals - Email

Dear Sally,

Thank you for your inside full responses to all my questions.
Please find below the rough proposals for the cover of “Three little pigs”.

Rough 01:


It is a modern composition that plays with perspective representing the 3 houses. It appeals to parents and playful kids. I am thinking of a collage of textures mixed with line art.

Rough 02:


“Symbolic circles”
This concept is a geometric composition of 6 circles (3 houses and 3 pigs). I tried to bring up the modern and symbolic side of the brief. While still playing with a bite of the wolf in the title frame. Even if it is not represented, we know the wolf is there, somewhere.

Rough 03:


“Bold overlaps”
I am thinking of using lino technique to overlap the colours of the roofs and houses. This will create of mix of bold colours. Also, I can play with textures of the houses materials. The 3 pigs are also represented in the composition.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Looking forward to the next round of changes! Feel free to call, email me or set up a meeting for the following week. Any comments or extra information is always welcome.

Kind regards,

Nádia Ferreira


Final artwork - Email

Dear Sally,

This first phase of the Cover artwork is ready! Find attached the final art work for “The little three pigs” book cover. It measures 6x7 inches with full bleed and is a Jpg format, as requested. Together with its respective invoice.

I am glad we went for the “Bold overlaps” concept. It ended up be a bold, colourful and modern representation of this new twisted story. The final artwork has a simplified representation of the materials and little cute pigs. I believe it can appeal to playful adults and to kids. I also attached a in situation comp so you can start imagine the final result!

It was a pleasure working with you for this project. I wish you all the best for the rest of this first phase. Let me know if I can be of any help. Looking forward to start the inside illustrations. 

Kind Regards,

Nádia Ferreira


Final artwork - Attachments




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