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Scott Fuller

Animator, Graphic Artist/Illustrator



Illustration business card

I was finally able to get some time to work on this and finish it.  I wanted to have a simple clean front and only use 2 colors that being cyan and white.  For the back of the business card, I just wanted to show my web address and just some silly quick illustrations for people to look at and hopefully make them want to hold onto my business card for a little longer.  Hopefully they'll like it enough to want to visit my portfolio website :)

There were a couple of other colors options and examples as well that I can upload but I just wanted to see what others thought about this design and what they would change.  Everything was done in illustrator using the pencil tool for the front and the brush tool for the back of the business card.  The font I decided to use is called league gothic and I liked the solid style of it and figured it would look good in print.  The font also originally was designed in 1903 which I thought was cool since it has some history behind it and was revived back in 2009.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my design and I look forward to your critiques :)


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