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Illustration 101: Creating an Immersive Character for Storytelling

Illustration 101: Creating an Immersive Character for Storytelling

Description: In this class I will teach you how to go from a fleeting character idea, or a specific need for a character in your story, to a well-thought out character who can easily be immersed into your story. A fleshed out character with flaws and scars, a character who develops over time in the story and becomes more (or less, in the case of villains!) likable as you go through the storyline.

Project Title: 3-Part Crash Course in Character Creation

Project Description: This assignment has 3 parts to it, each of them getting more detailed as you forward. Starting with a worksheet answering questions about what the basics of your character are, to a sketch and understanding of posture and your character's position in their world, to the final project which is a fully rendered drawing of your character in multiple views, with a color wheel to help you create a detailed file on your character which can be referred to later while you are writing and storyboarding. 


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