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Tina Schofield

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Illustrating Rockin' Artwork: To Be Found and Published


My name is Tina Schofield and I am an Illustrator and Designer, and recent Illustration grad from Savannah College of Art and Design. My main goal is to get published and have my illustration be my main source of income. I really want to travel to Europe and have my own studio in Italy as well as my own online business selling my prints. I am interested in all types of illustration (ie; editorial, advertizing, licensing, children's book, caricature, character design, and poster art), and I am looking for that open door to start my professional career. The one class I did not take while I was still in school  is a how to be successful in your small business class. Though I have read many books on it, I am still not sure what target audience to go for. I have tried promoting myself through many types of social media (as you can see with all my links below), online galleries, sending out promotional mailers, going to art exhibitions, trying to get into agencies, and applying for any job I could find in my field. I am currently a senior graphic designer for a small company just starting out. My goal is to break away from graphic design and promoting other people's businesses and to start promoting myself and my own artwork,  illustrating more, and to do what I love to do all day...every day, and I hope this class can give me pointers and help me find a place to start to get there! (:  

~Tina Schofield






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Society6 Store


Go Mighty Life List

-Who my company is-

It is me! I will be doing freelance illustration and design work for various types of companies and individuals. I want to be able to help people make visual statements that will stand out through a fun, unique, and decorative style. I offer my creative services for:


I do illustrations for book/children's books, book and magazine covers, posters, album covers ads, editorial and lifestyle, character design, patterns, and line art.  


I also take commission work for portraits, murals, decals, photo re-touching, and other customized products.


I would also like to offer design solutions and help others come up with asthetically pleasing design concepts for book and magazine layouts, logos, labels, packaging, print and digital ads.  

-Type of people I am trying to reach-

  • art directors
  • art/illustration agents/agencies
  • people who are in-tune with current events and what's going on in the world.
  • people who appreicate design
  • people who appreciate other cultures
  • people who like unique, cultured, decorative artwork
  • people who like to read and travel
  • activists

-Where these people shop-

  • Anthropology
  • Urbin Outfitters
  • Geneologie
  • Never Too Spoiled
  • Target

-Where to meet these people-

  • local music festivals
  • culture events in the city
  • europe
  • stationary shows
  • children's book exhibits
  • illustration competitions


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