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Illustrating Patterns on Fashion Illustrations

Updated: June 28th, 2016.


Another application of patterns on fashion illustrations:

Updated: June 25th, 2016.


Updated my class with my project:

Updated: June 22nd, 2016.

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Intro Video

Updated: June 18th, 2016.

I uploaded an intro video for my course on YouTube.


Class Description:

This is my very first class but from my 4years+ experience in pattern designing, I thought of sharing my knowledge in this field. 

In this class, I'll walk you through the process of painting patterns on your fashion illustrations. At the end of this class you'll be able to create simple patterns on different mediums not only on fashion illustrations. These patterns are applicable on invitation cards, logos, digital patterns, backgrounds and much more. Unleash your creativity and you'll see wonders! 

To achieve better results, I'll be using different markers and materials to let those patterns stand out more. 

After taking this class, you'll gain the following:

  • A quick experience in drawing patterns.
  • Draw patterns using simple tools.
  • Implement patterns on different projects. 


  • Watercolor sketchbook ( I'm using sketchbooks from Muji store ).
  • Watercolors + color palette ( Talens Petit Color by Sakura Color = Available on Amazon) 
  • Copic Markers ( Any of their types will do )
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil and eraser 
  • Pencil colors ( Maped brand = Available on Amazon )
  • Fineliner markers ( Staedtler )
  • Gold pigment powder for pattern drawing ( Availble on Amazon )

You don't have to stick with the brands I'm using just work with similar materials which you're most comfortable with. As for the pigment powder, I tried another type which didn't give the same result as the shimmery gold powder I'm using. So you have to be a little picky when choosing your own metallic powder pigment. I too love trying out different materials using different brands so I'll definitely find something similar and I'll definitely share the results.


  • Create your own pattern on a runway look.
  • Draw random patterns on a scrap paper ( Optional ).
  • Show the procees of drawing your patterns from the scratch on a piece of paper before painting it on your fashion illustration.

Here are some books I recommend for fashion illustrating:

You can find me:

Twitter: Anwaar_saleh

Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw


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