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Felicia Escalante

Art Lover



Illustrating My Life In Texas

Sketch Your Life: One Month of Daily Sketching and Painting Day 1: Self Portrait


I like my eyes and my freckles.

Day 2: Trees. This is the tree outside my art studio window.


Day 3: Lunch


Mac n Cheese on the left and a sausage link with chili, onions and bell pepper.

Day 4: Building. This is the inside of the laundry mat I go to.


Day 5: Fruit. My favorite fruit is strawberries. I love them so much. I also love their color and the cute little seeds all over them.


Day 6: Book. My favorite book is my The Message version of the bible. I love the cover with the cityscape and moody dark clouds. But I love the message version because this version is more relatable to me and uses more modern ways of the stories.


Day 7: Drink

My favorite drink is coffee and this isis my favorite mug.


Day 8: Shoes

My favorite types of shoes are boots. These are my favorite ones i like to wear. 


Day 9: Clothes. My closet.


Day 10: Appliance. I would have to say that my stove is my most useful appliance. Without it I wouldn't be able to make all the delicious food I love so much!


Day 11: Vegetable. Avocados are my favorite because I love to eat guacamole on everything that I can eat it on. If I could I would eat guacamole 24/7.


Day 12: Things you collect. I collect plants, i love all kinds of plants. I have a mini garden on my back porch.


Day 13: Family. For family I sketched my husband. I see him every day and he is the most important person in my life. He is such an amazing person and I love him more every day.


Day 14: Sketching Materials. Today I sketched this with new gouache paints and a fine paint brush. Normally I sketch with pencil, pencil or water brush. So today I tried sketching with a dry brush. It was alright.


Day 15: Stranger

This is my neighbors friend. He occasionally stops by her place to help her with odd jobs. He always seems to wear that black hat and black shirt every time he stops by. Very odd haha


Day 16: Animal. I have 4 cats. They like to sleep all over the place. This cats name is Mittens and her favorite sleeping spot is on top of the sofa.


Day 17: Flowers. My favorite flowers are roses, i prefer them to be red. But I do like all flowers, but I decided roses would be my favorite because my grandmother's name is Rose and my middle name is Rose aftee her.


Day 18: Bag

My favorite all time bag is this western blinged out purse my husband bought me for my birthday the first year we moved to Texas. I love anything western and feel in love with this purse. Even has leather fringe, and probably the most expensive purse I have ever own. Worth it though.


Day 19: Accessories. 

My favorite and most precious accessory would have to be my engagement ring. I love the style of the ring and it also has little sapphire stones on each side of the center diamond. Blue being my favorite color.


Day 20: Pattern

My bedspread. Love the cool floral pattern.


Day 21: Dessert. 

I love strawberry sundaes. 


Day 22: Texture. 

Not only do I love my soft textured floor rug, my cats love it to! They always rub their furry little faces on this comfy rug.



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