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Illustrating My Day (Completed!)


I'm Jared, you can see my other work here or WIP on dribbble.

Initial List

After sketches and note taking, here is my final list for this project:

  1. Early AM interuption by crying daughter
  2. Back to bed
  3. Breakfast
  4. Activity with dog (either paddle boarding or a walk, so paddle board for uniqueness)
  5. Shower & get ready
  6. Head upstairs for work
  7. Work on computer
  8. Phone calls/meetings
  9. Break to play
  10. Work/ideas, sketching
  11. Lunch
  12. Walk the dog
  13. More work calls
  14. More work ideas & sketching
  15. Break to stretch
  16. Work Skype/hangouts
  17. Evening family activity, usually bike ride
  18. Get daughter to sleep
  19. Relax with wife
  20. Sleep 



Here's my final set of my illustrated day! I had a few rules I tried to follow, first being a 3pt stroke and second, I wanted to try to use the same symbol for myself and see how many different activities I could adapt it to represent. (This challenge was the most fun for me personally.)

I included some extra elements like a clock (to show time or no clock when I'm resting, enjoying myself or trying not to think about time). As well as some extra use of color.

I work from home, so I'm fortunate to be able to take breaks to play with my daughter and eat lunch with my family. The work icons are a bit repetitive, but that's fairly representative of my daily routine :)

Final Daily Icons

While I decided to include use of color for my project - most of them work in one-color as well.

bw icons

My favorite icon by far was paddle boarding with my dog - I decided to make an icon collection of  "outdoor dog activities" as well if you would like to check it out. I've enjoyed seeing others daily routine & icon making process and overall the class was a fun exercise! 


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