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Illustrated idiom: An arm and a leg

So, let start the story :)

I choose "an arm and a leg" idiom, I liked a lot of them but this one is the winner, for now!

An arm and a leg meaning by to be very expensive. These opera tickets cost us an arm and a leg!


Sometimes I use this technique of associated words, I call it words treasure. When I'm stuck and don't know what to write I have this link in my sleeve

I must say this is my favorite work stage. I love the process because I feel like this is the moment when the ideas are born and I am attacked by them, in a good way.

While writing all the words down, a scenario came up in my head. 

So, I need money and I need them now! I could choose to make a Bank loan but I hate bureaucracy :P I contact a moneylender, which is the worst option (in my country). 

Why I need money? To buy something, something expensive. A car or a house?!

Then I remembered that cliche image (symbol) of a house key


and I choose that I need money to buy a house :) this was easy!

Then of course I can't pay my debt and the bad guys of the money lender come after me and cut my arm and leg down. Ha ha this is fun!!

This is a image of my struggle with the type, I definitely could try out more types but, I am lazy :D


Here is the refining work stage.


I used Blob tool for the first time, I saw the icon in my Tools Panel but never tried it so, @MikeyBurton when I saw your class I found it intriguing!  

This are the outline and B&W versions.


At this point I'm happy with the look of it. Although I'm not happy with the type I drew. 


At some point I had to choose which color palette is better.

Unfortunately I don't have a Laser Printer mine is Ink Jet so I worked with what I have. I just printed the elements as you did and then scanned and played with the levels in Photoshop. At the end I added some digital textures I have in my Photoshop arsenal.

And here is the final result!


I'm still not happy with the type but I would like to know your thoughts about it, and about the whole idea and image of course! 


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