Illustrated Journalling

Illustrated Journalling - student project

Illustrated Journalling - image 1 - student projectDay 1 - Currently Listening To... Steam Powered Giraffe! Mixed media.

Illustrated Journalling - image 2 - student projectDay 2 - Recently I learned... how to use commas properly. I was a little over-ambitious yesterday, so today's piece is a very simple felt-tip pen doodle. I've been doing a lot of proof-reading of my projects lately, and I'm realising how much I didn't learn at school (probably because I was doodling over my notebooks instead of listening!). Thank goodness for Professor Google!

Illustrated Journalling - image 3 - student projectDay 3 Creating With... watercolour and a fountain pen today.

Illustrated Journalling - image 4 - student projectDay 4 Latest Reading Material. Inks. I'm a day behind now so I'll try to catch up this weekend! The yellow is sunshine yellow, so a little warmer in colour in reality. This was a fun prompt. When I have more time, I may fill in the blank spaces with characters and motifs from the books (hopefully that would disctract from the wobbly glasses a bit!).

Illustrated Journalling - image 5 - student projectDay 5 - Ingredients To My Mess... in my laptop bag (I don't remember why I put my sewing stuff in my laptop bag!). Felt tip pens.

Illustrated Journalling - image 6 - student projectDay 6 - Daily Routine. Now I've caught up with all the prompts, and hopefully the routine will stick this time!

Illustrated Journalling - image 7 - student projectDay 7 - Current Cravings... are the great outdoors! We're in another lockdown here and I'm in a tiny house with no garden. Quick watercolour sketch.

Illustrated Journalling - image 8 - student projectDay 8 - I keep wearing... lots of comfy and colourful clothes!

Illustrated Journalling - image 9 - student projectDay 9 - Self Care Necessities. Felt tip pens.

Illustrated Journalling - image 10 - student projectDay 10 - Grocery Run. The bagels bag was a challenge, but I followed Dylan's example for drawing clear packaging, and I'm pleased with how it looks.

Illustrated Journalling - image 11 - student projectDay 11 - Favourite Corner: My Reading Nook. Returning to the colour combination from Day 3 because I think it's my favourite! The text in the top right corner is a bit cramped and messy, so I need to be careful of that in future. Watercolour paints and felt tip pens.

Illustrated Journalling - image 12 - student projectDay 12 - Toiletry Bag Favourites. I found today's difficult because I'm not really into make up and stuff, but I like the colour scheme.

Illustrated Journalling - image 13 - student projectDay 13 - Reliable Recipe... stewed apples. We cooked this many times in the autumn.

Illustrated Journalling - image 14 - student projectDay 14: #Obsessed. Thanks Dylan for creating such a fun class!

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