Illustrated Journaling: 31st Birthday

Illustrated Journaling: 31st Birthday - student project

Due to time and space constraints, I didn't really do much with layouts this week, and I didn't add small doodles and illustrations, which I would have liked to do. But I had a wonderful Saturday with wonderful friends, and it feels really good to have those details recorded. I included a card from a friend (her handwriting and sentiments were too beautiful not to!) and some samples of paper scraps I was practicing hand lettering on. My favorite part is the watercolor of my birthday brunch - I tried to work quickly and challenge myself to not become perfectionistic, so I was afraid it would just look like a mess, but it turned out okay. It may not be the most Pinterest-worthy work ever produced, but I'm really glad just to have started an illustrated journal! Hope I can keep it up!Illustrated Journaling: 31st Birthday - image 1 - student projectIllustrated Journaling: 31st Birthday - image 2 - student project