Illustrated Journal

Illustrated Journal - student project

Hi everyone,

My name is Julie, I am a "Frenchie" living in New-Zealand,

I have tried several times to get back into drawing but always ended up discouraged by the gap between my (unrealistic ^^) expectations and the result on the paper..

When I found the workshop on skillshare and clicked on the first video "Illustrated Journaling" I thought this could help me establish a regular drawing practice while not putting too much pressure on myself.

This is definitely a good exercice no matter what drawing "level" you are, actually you don't even need to draw at all, you can do some crazy collages / color swatches or just have fun with your writting. 

Best place to explore, let go and make beautiful mistakes !

(Here is my first attempt, nothing too fancy but it was a lot of fun )Illustrated Journal - image 1 - student project