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Illustrated Food Adventure - Frewsburger [Work in Progress]

So after awhile of taking notes and having a few blocks I decided to focus on the local pizza shop from the town I grew up in. It has a funny name and the food is delicious. Most parties back then I feel like centered around pizza and wings for the most part - and here you've got both - and done right!

I'm already hungry thinking about this place...

So growing up, my hometown was called "Frewsburg", which already has a funny sound to it. So therefor the name of the pizza place follows as "Frewsburger" or "Frewsburger Pizza Shop" - and even tho they have subs and sandwiches close to a burger, this place serves NO burgers!(maybe now days there is a cheeseburger sub... but thats IT!


This place was not only a staple in my diet, but it was the place to hang out.

Frewsburger Pizza was where some sports banquets were held- and sometimes we'd just go every week to order the wings extra crispy and with cajun hot sauce- hot enough to sweat your demons and talk about comedy jokes and gas from cartoons... those were the days!

I'm still working on my layout and concept but I keep coming back to the pizza shop from all these memories. Here are some of my notes and a few little doodles to get the gears working.

Thanks for this project Mikey! I love food and drawing it could be something I see myself doing more often.


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