Illustrated Author Photo and Future Bio

Jennifer Lynn Hadley is a beloved author and illustrator who was born and raised in the endless golden sunshine of Southern California. She and her partner, acclaimed television and screenwriter JR Orci, currently reside in the town of Pumpkin (Calabasas), within the Valley of Rabbits (Conejo), right on the edge of the County of Angels. They’ve raised her three beautiful sons together and are currently rehabilitating five disabled cats, two very old dogs,  a handful of grouchy Guinea pigs, Lincoln the 300 pound goat and Edward Lizardhands. A squirrel named Madame N. knocks on the window for almonds every evening at 5pm. Jennifer always answers. If that’s not real magic, what is?


A self proclaimed forest-witch, state certified massage therapist of twenty years, and life long rescuer to hundreds of sick animal friends, Jennifer has a unique and whimsical looking glass in which to gaze at this wonderful life. Won’t you come along, for just a bit? Please and Thank you.


If you enjoyed this book, The Magic of Pie, Her other works include


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Your City is Magical

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We Go Together; A Guide to Grieving Gently


(All true but the books part. Manifest big right?)Illustrated Author Photo and Future Bio - image 1 - student project