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Alma Hoffmann

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Illustrate your day: symbol design

Modifications made today 7.12.13 to wake up symbol. I am trying to make it look like the person is on a bed but I think it looks more like a fridge. Should I reconsider this symbol all together?

Here is my first symbol: wake up. It looks different to the one in the previous sketches. I thougth I'd go for the face expression since waking up is a process. Anyhow... I am playing with how much detail I can have or not have. I am not sure though on either. I think I need to consider another symbol as an expression of waking up. In this one the person just opened their eyes in the morning, but I think it is too much detail. Feedback, please?

These are my very, very rough sketches. I am trying to decide what I want and how I want to display what I want to say or what I think is most important. I think I am approaching this with sort of a magnifying glass. I am very tempted to provide detail. I think it is interesting that I need to literally and emotionally distance myself from them a bit more. But that is a question I would have… do symbols need to be as if from a distance? Can they be more focused on say face or gestures? Also let me know if you can't see them. I tried to get as close as possible and I am using pencil which might make it hard to see.

This is my list. Found it hard to downsize to 20, so there are still 21. :-)


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