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Illustrate your Day: An Intro to Symbol Design of me

I work as a part time Apple employee which is what I am going to illustrate with my icons (a normal day of that because it's more of a routine). However, most of my days are much more spread out and random. I do a lot of free lance design/development work for local musicians, chefs and other companies in Brooklyn. I also play musically professionally (drums) and am constantly around chefs or cooking. I figured it was too hard to illustrate my more random free lance life, so I've put down the routine one as the example of icons I will be illustrating. 

I am looking forward to this because I am such a fan of the noun project and that kind of design. I have the most fun when I am learning and this is forcing me to sketch and do things that I have never done. I typically do everyhing on Illustrator, without drawing (I suck at drawing) and I've had great results. but doin this project is really humbling me and making me realize how much I suck at drawing and I think it's going to be a huge benefit to the computer process!


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